Ventilation grilles are used in ventilation and air-conditioning system. Fixing in air supply and exhaust ducts mostly in natural ventilation. Nowadays, the product must fit in design project and air flow can be regulated in easy way.

RDJ Klima offers grilles:

  • rectengular and circular ducts,
  • made of black steel sheet (as a standard), galvanized, stainless steel and aluminium,
  • painting in RAL color on demand.

Grilles can be mounted by visible screws or with additional mounting frame without screws.

We invite to check our offer. A wide range certainly fits in your expectations.

1.2.Aluminum ventilation grilles
1.2.1.Single row ventilation grillesKSH-al, KSV-al
1.2.2.Double row ventilation grillesKSH-V-al, KSV-H-al
1.2.3.Egg crate grillesKSH-RS-90°-al, KSH-RS-45°-al
1.2.4.Ventilation grilles with fixed bladesKSH-90°-al, KSH-45°-al
1.2.5.Masking ventilation grillesKST-al
1.2.6.Revision aluminum grillesKSH-R-al
1.2.7.Ventilation grilles with meshKWS-al
1.2.8.Air flow ventilation grillesKWP-al
1.2.9.Convector grillesKNK-al
1.2.10.Connecting convector grillesKNK-T-al
1.2.11.Floor grillesKNP-al
1.2.12.Air intakes setNWP-al